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Afnan La Fleur Bouquet for Women Edp 80ml

Afnan La Fleur Bouquet

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Afnan Le Fleur Bouquet is a women’s floral perfume, launched in 2021. This fragrance is a wonderful choice for women who appreciate sweet and floral scents, bringing a romantic and feminine touch.

The top notes of this perfume include white flowers and floral scents, creating a fresh and vibrant opening. These aromas offer a delicate first impression, like a gentle breeze of flowers in a blooming garden.

In the heart of the composition, you will discover fruity, citrus, and musk notes, adding a touch of sweetness and freshness to the fragrance. These scents complement the floral notes perfectly and give the perfume a playful note.

The base notes include sweet, powdery notes, rose, and exotic woods. These aromas establish the foundation of the perfume, adding depth and longevity. The fragrance finishes with a sweet note and lingers on the skin as a delicate memory.

La Fleur Bouquet is an ideal fragrance for days when you want to indulge your senses with sweet and floral aromas. It’s a lovely choice to accentuate your femininity and add a romantic touch to your outfits and special moments.

Top notes: white flowers;
Middle notes: fruits, citrus, musk;
Base notes: sweet, powdery, rose, exotic wood.

Afnan La Fleur Bouquet Women Edp – Fleur Narcotique Ex Nihilo Clone


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