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Afnan Mukhallat Abiyadh Concentrated Perfume Oil Attatr For Unisex, 20 ml

Buy Original Afnan Mukhallat Abiyadh for Men and women perfume oil attar Online at Lowest Price in Bangladesh.


6 in stock

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Afnan  Mukhallat Abiyad is a warm, oriental perfume. With its wonderfully soft and harmoniously spicy aura, it is very suitable for any occasion. It is a soft, woody fragrance with musk, oriental spices and amber.

Longevity is absolutely great on this one, and oud gets sweter a few minutes after initially opening. Not super sweet, but enough to make it a balanced wear.

This is a masculine scent through and through. It’s very heavy, too with only one swipe of the wand. Longevity is a beast and takes some scrubbing to get rid of it.


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