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Ajmal Aurum Winter EDP 75ml | Fragrance for Men | Long-Lasting Scent

Ajmal Aurum Winter EDP is a luxurious winter fragrance with a blend of woody and floral notes. It comes in a 75ml bottle for a long-lasting scent.

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Ajmal Aurum Winter is opened by refreshing citrus in an apple haze with a charming flood of flowers.

The dazzling flowers vibrate in the foreground with the noble beauty of tuberose, which shows an intoxicating sweetness with undertones hidden in peaches and tropical fruits, intertwined with the fragile beauty of peonies, nostalgia of entwined carnations and a soft line of roses.

Deep floral chords of the earthy oak moss with its almost bitter touches, very pleasantly harmonizing with the honey velvet, majestic amber, enter the floral embrace.

And while the tones of flowers fade softly, the perfect interplay of sensual breathiness with the great arms of elegant musk, which with its play of charm, ends the performance Aurum Winter comes to the fore.


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