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Ajmal Oudh O Oudh 12ml Perfume Oil (Attar) for Unisex

Ajmal Oudh O Oudh is an alluring, fascinating, unfamiliar; this is a fragrance that blends mystery with rarity beyond compare.

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Ajmal Oudh O Oudh is an aromatic and woody , with a rich silky scent and feel , Oudh O Oudh Ajmal attar is a modern-day interpretation of shay personality. with a strong top note of Luban (Frankincense) and the sweet balsamic fragrance of Honey, Citrus and Amber to bring a soft sweetness, Oudh O Oudh slowly fades into the deep, striking scent of Agarwood. Treat yourself to the scented , silky feel of Oudh.

A superlonglasting and attention grabbing blend of citrus, frankincense, ouds and Amber!!!

Lasting hours: upto 12 hours


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