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Mawaz Eau Fraiche Paris For Unisex Edp 65ml

Mawaz Eau Fraiche Paris is a 65ml unisex Eau de Parfum that offers a refreshing and invigorating fragrance. Its key features include a long-lasting scent, suitable for both men and women, and a unique blend of aromatic notes. The perfume provides a fresh and revitalizing experience, making it perfect for everyday wear. Its unique selling points lie in its unisex appeal, high-quality ingredients, and the ability to leave a lasting impression.

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Mawaz Eau Fraiche is a bright, Mediterranean-infused, floral-citrus unisex perfume with soft spicy undertones, launched by Arabian perfume brand Mawaz Perfum.

Secluded relaxation in a Mediterranean villa surrounded by flower beds and a garden, with walks along garden paths, admiration for beautiful landscapes and air saturated with wonderful aromas – all this is embodied in a fragrance that fits into a tiny elegant bottle.

The top accord of Mawaz Perfum Eau Fraiche brings bright, sparkling coolness of citrus notes and exciting freshness of the sea breeze. The heart accord blossoms into a luxurious bouquet of floral notes – bright, exciting and almost intoxicating. And the sound of the perfume is completed by the soft, almost enveloping warmth of oriental spices, reminiscent of the fact that the villa praised by the aromatic composition in a beautiful garden is located on the warm and original Arabian coast of the wonderful warm sea.


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