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Arabian perfume Tad Angel Status Homme 100ml Eau de parfum

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Tad Angel Status is with a sweet and succulent note, plum adds an attractive and fresh opening to this perfume. It’s a note that captures attention and creates a pleasant sensation of sweetness. Bergamot adds a fresh and refreshing citrus note, perfectly complementing the sweetness of the plums and adding a fresh and invigorating sparkle at the top of this perfume. Lemon is a bright and energetic note, offering vitality and a revitalizing element. It adds a fresh and appealing note to the blend.

Cinnamon brings a spicy and intriguing aroma. It adds an element of depth and warmth to the middle of the perfume. Mahogany is a woody note that adds stability and solidity to the composition. It contributes to the character of the perfume and complements the top and middle notes. Clove adds a subtle spicy and floral note. It provides a fragrant element and perfectly balances the aromas in this layer.

Sandalwood is a warm and comforting woody note found in the base notes. It adds depth, leaving a pleasant sense of tranquility. Cedarwood complements the perfume with depth and stability. It imparts a woody and solid note that complements the other aromas perfectly. Olive adds a fresh and slightly mysterious note to the base of the perfume. This fresh note contributes to the complexity and maturity of the composition.

Status Homme is a balanced and sophisticated fragrance with sweet, citrus, spicy, woody, and fresh notes. This combination promises to provide an olfactory experience that exudes confidence and refinement, suitable for men who want to showcase their status and personal style.

Top notes: plum, bergamot, lemon;
Middle notes: cinnamon, mahogany, clove;
Base notes: sandalwood, cedar, olive.


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