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Zimaya Fatima Velvet Love Extrait De Parfum 100ml From Afnan

Zimaya Fatima Velvet Love


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Zimaya Fatima Velvet Love -Perfume for Dreamers has arrived!

This is indeed the product that girls who love the charm and aristocracy of “roses” are looking for. Fatima velvet love is exactly a succulent, steamy rose, like you are putting your nose on a rose after a heavy rain and enjoying its fragrance.

Bringing the gentle, elegant fragrance of the beautiful ladies of France…they don’t need makeup, don’t need fancy dresses, but they themselves are full of temperament and charm.

Dreamy Purple Pink Tone – Fullbox flower mix gift box

Classy lady – gentle lady – charming

Top notes: Violet, bergamot, pear
Middle Notes: Rose, Lavender, Agarwood
Base notes: oud, vanilla.

Zumaya Fatima Velvet Love Extrait De Parfum 100ml From Afnan


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