Ever since the first celebrities started making their way into the fragrance industry in the 1980s-90s, celebrity fragrances have constantly topped the charts of best-selling fragrances. Whether it’s the resemblance to their creators or their uniqueness, there is something special about these fragrances that gives us a different way of connecting with our favorite celebrities in a way that isn’t just watching them in movies or listening to their music.

Here, we have gathered for you a list of 4 wonderful celebrity fragrances that are topping the charts today.

1. Unforgivable for Men by Sean John
Sean Combs, musician and founder of the Sean John brand, began his career in the early 90s. His musical talent quickly put him in the spotlight, and with the newfound popularity of celebrity fragrance, founded his fashion brand in 1998, producing apparel and fragrance.

Unforgivable for Men by Sean John was launched in 2006 by noses David Apel, Pierre Negrin, Aurelien Guichard, and Caroline Sabas. This complex scent is for the man who lives his life full of passion, raw emotion, and honesty. The fresh, sexy scent serves to stimulate the senses and express pure and unrestrained attraction.

Scent Notes:

Top: Sicilian Lemon, Italian Bergamot, Green Mandarin, Moroccan Tangerine, Grapefruit, Birch Leaf, and Juniper
Mid: Mediterranean Air Accord, Tuscan Basil, Florentine Iris, Clary Sage, and Lavender
Base: Cashmere Accord, Cool Sea Moss, Australian Sandalwood, Amber, Tonka Bean, and Rum.

2. Fancy for Women by Jessica Simpson
Starting out as a singer in her childhood church’s choir, Jessica Simpson’s career took off after her first record deal in 1997. A series of hit songs in conjunction with her dynamic public persona would then allow her to release her own fragrance line in 2004.

Created by Alexis Dadier and launched in 2008, Fancy for Women by Jessica Simpson is perfect for any Red Carpet event, while still being reminiscent of the enticing charm of the girl next door. Using decadent scents like toasted almond, vanilla creme, and caramel along with sweet florals and fresh fruits, this scent creates a whimsical feeling that will draw in anyone close by.

Scent Notes:

Top: Pear, Apricot, and Red Berries
Mid: Caramel, Toasted Almond, Gardenia, and Jasmine
Base: Vanilla Creme, Sandalwood, and Amber Crystals

3. Glow for Women by J. Lo
J-Lo entered the acting industry in 1991, but her career truly began to take off with her first starring role as Selena Quintanilla-Perez in the movie Selena. Since then, she has become one of the most powerful women in Hollywood, allowing her to launch her first fragrance, Glow.

First launched in 2002, Glow for Women by J. Lo was made by perfumers Louise Turner and Catherine Walsh. Made for the woman with a gorgeous feminine sparkle and a warm flirtatious demeanor, this soft, sexy floral scent blends bright citrus, stunning florals, and warming vanilla and amber to create an irresistible fragrance.

Scent Notes:

Top: Neroli, Orange Flower, and Grapefruit
Mid: Jasmine, Rose, and Tuberose
Base: Musk, Sandalwood, Orris Root, Vanilla, and Amber
4. Can Can for Women by Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton has been active in the fashion industry since the mid-90s, whether that be as a model, actress, or designer. An active socialite and prominent public figure, she then went on to release her first self-titled fragrance in 2004.

Launched in 2007, by perfumer Jean Claude Delville, the Can Can for Women by Paris Hilton combines floral and citrusy notes with rich amber and musk to create a seductive, tantalizing scent. Inspired by the feelings of the exotic, burlesque, and anything seductive, this fragrance is perfect for any woman looking to catch the attention of those around her.

Scent Notes:

Top: Nectarine, Black Currant, and Clementine
Mid: Wild Orchid and Orange Blossom
Base: Amber, Musk, and Woods

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