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Arden beauty by Elizabeth Arden 100ml for women

Arden Beauty by Elizabeth Arden Perfume. Arden Beauty has a floral green scent that makes it a refreshing youthful fragrance for younger women. This fresh fragrance was introduced in 2002 by Elizabeth Arden and features green notes of apple and rhubarb, that evolve into rich floral notes of alluring rice flowers and iris. Background notes are defined by warm, provocative amber and musk. You can wear this fragrance to class on cool spring mornings, and its alluring warm notes make it suitable for evening wear as well.

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The fragrance known as Arden Beauty by Elizabeth Arden is an “Eau de Parfum” for women that belongs to the plant family of fragrances. By means of this product, Arden intends to improve the natural attractiveness of every woman by enhancing her femininity, delicacy, and softness.

Antoine Lie, a perfumer, introduced this scent to the market in 2002. With Arden Beauty, she will be able to accentuate her most exceptional features and obtain an aromatic and identifiable stamp. This is due to the fact that she is a modern woman who works hard and has a spirit that is free and innovative. She is also autonomous and makes her own decisions.

The rice flower and lovely iris help to soften the initial blast of energizing effect that the olfactory pyramid of this fragrance, which is characterized by bergamot and green notes, provides after a brief period of time. Next, a floral heart is responsible for imparting personality to the essence; a bouquet of orchids, lotus flowers, and lilies accentuates the essence’s more feminine side, which is heightened by the presence of peppery ginger. Last but not least, the background takes on a warmer and more seductive tone, with hints of sandalwood, musk, and amber.

These are the days of summer. The freshness of this aroma makes it an excellent choice for environments that are characterized by high temperatures. Have fun watching the sunset on the beach or going for walks with your family along the water.

It has a classic aroma. The brand Arden emphasizes its values with this fragrance, which is known for its compositions that stand out for a traditional and laid-back style. This is a classic scent that is brimming with feelings and beauty.

GIFT IDEA. Due to the fact that it contains notes that are soothing, this fragrance is an excellent choice for a present concept for the female population.


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